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ACI World offers publications, tools, guidance, reports, training, events and more to the airport industry and related organizations—to promote excellence worldwide and support the greater aviation ecosystem.

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The Evolution of the Airport Workforce White Paper Free
Policy Brief – Advanced Air Mobility: Integration into the Airport Environment Free
ACI Policy Paper on Ground Handling Free
Policy Brief - Modernizing Global Policy Frameworks on Airport Charges Free
Airport Operations and COVID-19 – Business Recovery (Version 3) Free
ACI Policy Handbook, 10th edition – 2020 Free
Policy Brief: Taxation of international air transport and airports ─ Economic benefits and costs Free
Policy Brief: Path to the airport industry recovery ─ Restoring a sustainable economic equilibrium Free
Updated Policy Brief - COVID-19: Relief measures to ensure the survival of the airport industry Free
Policy Brief: Creating fertile grounds for private investment in airports Free
Policy Brief: Airport networks and the sustainability of small airports Free
ACI Policy Brief: Airport ownership, economic regulation and financial performance Free
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