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ACI World offers publications, tools, guidance, reports, training, events and more to the airport industry and related organizations—to promote excellence worldwide and support the greater aviation ecosystem.

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Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM) Starting from $976.65
ACI World Adverse Weather Operations Handbook 2024 Starting from $1,000
World Airport Slot Guidelines and Annex Free
Disabled aircraft removal and airport preparedness Free
Airport Readiness for Health Crises & Accessibility Improvement Free
Implementing GRF at airports with winter conditions Free
What health and vaccine certificates mean for airports. An introduction. Free
Implementing GRF at airports with non-winter conditions Free
GRF Implementation: practical guidance for airports in regions not affected by winter operations Free
Cargo – A lifeline for airports during COVID-19 Free
Runway condition reporting using the aircraft as a sensor Free
Resorting air service: Guidance for smaller airports and DMOs from industry experts Free
COVID-19 Testing – Airport Approaches and Experiences  Free
COVID Vaccine Distribution – The Role of Airports Free
What is Airport HR doing now? COVID-19 and our people: The present and future Free
Going through changes: Airport restart and recovery during uncertain times Free
Airport slot allocation in the recovery: Enhancing connectivity and fostering choices for the travelling public Free
Business as unusual: COVID-19 and airport business continuity Free
Airside Safety and Operations during COVID-19 Free
Airport communications during and after COVID-19 Free
Guidance on Airport Capacity Declarations, First Edition Free
Airfield Maintenance Handbook, First Edition Starting from $1,000
A-CDM and Total Airport Management Handbook, First Edition Starting from $1,000
Aerodrome Certification Guide, First Edition Starting from $180
Wildlife Hazard Management Handbook, Third Edition (2022) Starting from $1,000
ACI-ASA Ground Handling Service Provider and Airport Operator Agreement Template – Version 2.0 Free
ACI Runway Safety Handbook – Second Edition 2022 Starting from $1,000
Developing Cargo at Airports Free
Annual World Report - 2017 Airport Safety Data Starting from $2,250
Aligning Airspace and Airport Capacity: Best Practice Recommendations for Airport Operators Free
Managing Rescue and Firefighting Services at Airports - 1st Edition 2019 Starting from $1,000
Managing Operations During Construction Handbook – First Edition 2018 Starting from $1,000
Apron Markings and Signs Handbook – Third Edition 2017 Starting from $1,000
ACI Runway Safety Handbook – First Edition 2014 Starting from $1,000
Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning Handbook – First Edition 2014 Starting from $1,000
ACI Wildlife Hazard Management Handbook - Second Edition 2013 Starting from $1,000
Best Practice SMS Gap Analysis and Audit Tool – 2010 Free
ACI Apron Safety Handbook – First Edition 2015 Starting from $1,000
ACI Safety Management Systems Handbook – First Edition 2016 Starting from $1,000
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