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Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning Handbook – First Edition 2014

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The potential for events to disrupt “normal business operations” at airports creates the need for robust business continuity management plans. These plans are used to identify potential risks facing an organization; determine how those risks will impact business operations; implement controls and measures designed to mitigate those risks; and monitor, test, and evaluate the strategic plan to keep it current.

The ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee (STSC) has developed this Handbook bringing together best practices, knowledge and experience from aerodromes around the world. The handbook assists aerodrome operators to develop and implement a robust aerodrome emergency plan, including restoration of operations after an emergency. It also deals with business continuity planning. The handbook covers the roles and responsibilities of aerodrome operators, as well as coordination of emergency response plans with other organizations interfacing with the aerodrome during an emergency.

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