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Managing Rescue and Firefighting Services at Airports - 1st Edition 2019

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The need for this handbook emerged from safety reviews under the ACI APEX in Safety Programme, some of which have highlighted the difficulties experienced by airports in managing their rescue and firefighting services (RFFS) optimally.

The ability of the airport RFFS to respond to an emergency is critical in case of an accident, meaning that the RFFS should not only be compliant with regulations but should constantly strive for the highest possible performance.

The handbook provides best practices to improve the performance of airport fire stations. It offers guidance and tools on how to administer an RFFS efficiently.

This publication is available in English, Turkish, and Russian. Please note that once the publication has been purchased, all versions are available on the store to the recipient.

ACI’s World Safety and Technical Standing Committee is dedicated to promoting excellence and supporting airports in improving their operational efficiency. Noting that there was a gap in the material available for the effective management of RFFS, the committee decided to develop a specific handbook on that subject.

This handbook addresses operational and capability requirements of RFFS, providing guidance and tools on how to ensure efficiency of personnel, effectiveness and reliability of RFF equipment, adequacy of training programmes and standard operating procedures, as well as effective administration of the service. It also introduces the legal and regulatory framework, clarifying differences between international and national regulations.

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